Both parties discreetly refer to the fact that Austria’s social democrats in Burgenland are also forming a coalition with the FPÖ, which is why it was a relief to the EPP top candidate Weber when Chancellor Kurz announced the end of the Vienna coalition and new elections on Saturday evening.

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Both parties discreetly refer to the fact that Austria’s social democrats in Burgenland are also forming a coalition with the FPÖ, which is why it was a relief to the EPP top candidate Weber when Chancellor Kurz announced the end of the Vienna coalition and new elections on Saturday evening.

For the first time since joining the EU, a new parliament is being elected in Croatia. After the first counts, there are signs of a victory for the conservative opposition in the economically stricken country. Third place is secured by a party that has appeared for the first time. “Dika Mem, France’s Torgarant. (Photo: imago / Eibner Europa) The gallop at the European Handball Championship is coming to an end, the main round is filling up.

World champion France shows his title ambitions as group winners. Host Croatia, on the other hand, has to start with a heavy burden. And Iceland, hosts Croatia suffered a severe setback at the European handball championship. In the final group game, the Croatians lost to record European champions Sweden with 31:35 (12:17). Although the team of coach Lino Cervar had already qualified for the main round, with two minus points on the account, the chances of making it into the semifinals are poor. World champions France, on the other hand, are confidently on course for the semifinals.

The three-time title holder also won his third preliminary round match against Belarus with 32:25 (14:11) in Porec and moved into the main round as the sovereign group winner. The outstanding man among the French was Dika Mem with nine goals. Co-favorite Norway also solved the last task in the group with ease and defeated Austria in Porec with 39:28 (18:14). The best thrower of the strong Norwegians was Kristian Björnsen from HSG Wetzlar with nine hits. Another convincing performance and nine goals from Kiel’s Nikola Bylik did not help the Austrians. In Group A, Serbia celebrated their first tournament victory with a 29:26 (12:12) against Iceland and thanks to the Swedish victory they also made it into the main round .

Iceland, on the other hand, is eliminated. Source:, bad / dpa “” Man of the day at Roter Stern: Marko Marin. (Photo: imago images / ULMER Pressebildagentur) Only one more game and the last participants in the group stage are in the championship League tight. In the first leg of the fourth qualifying round, an ex-DFB kicker shines and gives Red Star Belgrade a good starting position. Meanwhile, Olympiacos have made a stormy performance, and thanks to Marko Marin, Serbian soccer champions Red Star Belgrade can continue to dream of their second participation in the group stage in the Champions League. The former professional from Borussia Mönchengladbach and Werder Bremen prepared both of the guests’ goals for 2: 2 (1: 1) at Young Boys Bern in the first leg of the fourth qualifying round.the best biology essay writing service The 30-year-old Marin put a corner kick in the 18th.

Minute for Milos Degenek, who turned 1: 1 with an arc lamp with his head. Immediately after the change, the former German international initiated an attack on the right side, which the Argentine Matteo Garcia (46th) completed at the far post to 2-1. The lead for the Swiss champions, in which the ex-Hertha player Fabian Lustenberger as Organized the defensive captain, the Ivorian Roger Assalé had scored in the 7th minute. Guillaume Hoarau equalized for the hosts with a converted penalty (76 ‘), while Olympiacos Piraeus had an excellent chance of reaching the group stage. In the local Karaiskakis stadium, the Greek runners-up swept FK Krasnodar from Russia 4-0 (1-0) off the pitch. Dinamo Zagreb also has the premier class firmly in view.

The Croatian champions managed a sovereign 2-0 (2-0) win against Rosenborg Trondheim from Norway at home. The second leg will take place next Tuesday. Source:, cri / dpa “Finn Lemke is supposed to stabilize the German defense. (Photo: imago / Camera 4) The handball national coach has won European championships for the third game at the European Championships in Croatia Finn Lemke surprisingly back in the German squad. Accompanied by severe criticism, Christian Prokop initially renounced the defense chief. National coach Christian Prokop has nominated Finn Lemke for the other games of the German handball players at the European Championships in Croatia. The defense chief of MT Melsungen replaces Bastian Roscheck from SC DHfK Leipzig and will be used in the last preliminary round match against Macedonia on Wednesday (from 6.15 p.m. on ARD and in the live ticker on Lemke, with whom Poland sensationally won the European championship two years ago , was initially not taken into account by Prokop.

This had caused criticism. For example, the former world handball player Daniel Stephan said in an interview with “If the national coach thinks that Lemke does not fit into his team – then he has to do it that way. But the pressure has now increased: Lemke is not injured.

And if it doesn’t work, Prokop will have problems justifying his decision. “Now Prokop said in the German team hotel in Zagreb:” I want to give the defense more physicality and the goalkeepers more security and block arms. “Lemke was last with his club in the training camp on Fuerteventura and got the call from the national coach on Tuesday night. The 2.10 meter tall defensive giant is expected by the team in the evening. “I phoned Finn. He is fully motivated and hungry for the EM. He will certainly help us immediately, “said Bob Hanning, sports director of the German Handball Federation. In the dramatic draw against Slovenia (25:25), the German defensive did not seem firm, especially in the first half. Roscheck will initially stay with the team in Zagreb Source:, tno / sid “Six people were formally executed last night in the Croatian capital Zagreb.

The search for the perpetrator was in full swing, but had not led to any result until early morning according to media reports. According to the first findings of the police, a man had shot a family of six – three women, two men and a ten-year-old child – probably out of jealousy late in the evening and then fled. A seven-month-old baby was discovered intact in the building in the south of Zagreb, said police chief Marko Rasic. The Croatian media wrote of a “massacre in Zagreb”. “In 30 years of investigating crime scenes, I’ve never seen anything like it,” a detective was quoted as saying.

Heavily armed police officers were searching for the perpetrator, according to media reports across the city. In the morning, the manhunt was extended to the whole country. Update 07:51: The suspect was found dead near the crime scene. Apparently he committed suicide.

You can read more about it here. Source: “Could be happy three times: the players from Ajax (Photo: imago / Pro Shots) While the Bundesliga clubs already have their places in the coming Champions League season, many must European teams are still worried about participating. Dynamo Kiev will be particularly close after the play-off first leg. The Dutch football club Ajax Amsterdam have fought for a good starting position for the leap into the group stage of the Champions League. The hosts made the play-off first leg on Wednesday evening with the 3-1 (3-1) against Dynamo Kiev before Donny van de Beek put the Dutch in the lead in the duel between the two runners-up in the second minute, after the equalizer for the Ukrainians by Tomasz Kedziora from Poland (16.) Hakim Ziyech (35.) and Dusan Tadic (43.) ensured clear conditions before the break.

Ajax reached the group stage of the European premier class for the last time in the 2014/15 season, and Swiss champions Young Boys Bern were also ahead in the second minute thanks to Kevin Mbabu. But Croatia’s title holder Dinamo Zagreb equalized by Mislav Orsic before the break (40th) to 1: 1 (1: 1) and now has better chances in the home game. This also applies to AEK Athens: The Greeks won at the Hungarian club MOL Vidi FC with 2: 1 (1: 1). Both teams ended the game after red cards with only nine field players. The second leg will take place next Tuesday. German teams do not take part in the qualification.

The Bundesliga clubs FC Bayern Munich, FC Schalke 04, 1899 Hoffenheim and Borussia Dortmund go straight into the group stage. Source:, jve / dpa “The European handball team rejects the Slovenian objection to the valuation of the preliminary round match at the EM against Germany This means that the team of national coach Christian Prokop has 3: 1 points on the account before the last preliminary round match. The European Handball Federation has rejected Slovenia’s protest against the evaluation of the game against Germany (25:25). DHB confirmed this. Vice President Bob Hanning.

This means that the German team will go into the group final at the European Championships with 3: 1 points against leaders Macedonia (4: 0) this Wednesday (from 6.15 p.m. on ARD and in the live ticker on in Zagreb. ” For me the decision is logical, but we would have let it depend on a replay, “said Hanning. “We are glad that we now have clarity. The decision of the EHF does not surprise us, as it was and is in accordance with the rules.” The DHB selection had on Monday evening in a draw against the third place in the World Cup after the use of video evidence because of an irregularity Slovenians were awarded a seven-meter in the last second, which Tobias Reichmann converted to equalize. Slovenia lodged a protest against the decision of the Lithuanian referee, which ultimately remained unsuccessful. Source:, sgi / dpa “The FPÖ scandal in Austria could have a positive effect on the EPP. (Photo: picture alliance / dpa) The Chancellor Merkel and EPP top candidate Weber campaigned in Zagreb, Croatia, because of the political earthquake in Austria.

In the rest of Europe, too, the scandal changed the last few days before the European elections, with Angela Merkel humming along at the end. The Chancellor does not know the songs that 5000 participants in the election campaign event of the Croatian HDZ fervently sing in Zagreb. But Merkel is visibly infected by the atmosphere in the Drazen Petrovic basketball hall. In addition, she is in a good mood, as is EPP top candidate Manfred Weber, because her first appearance in the European election campaign has had unimagined importance, because not an hour’s flight away from here, in Vienna, a political earthquake caused the confrontation with right-wing populists to suddenly do all of this dominant topic is. This is fueled by the fact that Europe’s far-right parties are meeting in Milan at the same time and railing against immigration and the EU.

This is why Merkel’s appearance in Zagreb is transformed into a kind of long-distance duel about the future of Europe. After the collapse of the controversial ÖVP-FPÖ government in Vienna, a week before the European elections, the impression is that the soaring of right-wing extremist and populist parties could come to an end . Because the resignation of FPÖ boss and Vice Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache not only hits his party as a coalition partner of Austria’s Chancellor Sebastian Kurz in the marrow. Strache’s statements in the secretly filmed video fuel the accusation of being a slave to Russia, which is also raised against the Milanese host, Lega boss Matteo Salvini, the French right wing leader Marine Le Pen and the AfD. And despite all the show of power in Milan, the meeting of the eleven right-wing parties showed that they are united in the fight against migration. But extreme nationalism divides French and Italian right wingers, for example, and the FPÖ and Lega are arguing over the subject of South Tyrol. But as much as the opponents of the right-wing populists cheered over the FPÖ scandal at the weekend, it is not yet clear what effects the revelations will have on Will have European elections outside Austria.

For example, German surveys show that AfD supporters react relatively unaffected to the party’s donation scandal allegations. And the competitors of Merkel’s conservative European party family EVP are mobilizing: “Who made Strache Vice-Chancellor?”, SPD boss Andrea Nahles teased on Twitter in the direction of the CDU and EPP. Greens and the left also throw mainly the CSU and Austria’s ÖVP claims to have contributed to the emergence of right-wing populists with a lack of demarcation. Both parties discreetly refer to the fact that Austria’s social democrats in Burgenland are also forming a coalition with the FPÖ, which is why it was a relief to the EPP top candidate Weber when Chancellor Kurz announced the end of the Vienna coalition and new elections on Saturday evening. This seems to close an open flank in the hot phase of the election campaign. CSU Vice Weber had already straightened out a political front with a view to his own credibility and the difficult majority situation in the European Parliament.

Weber took his time with Hungary. Only after long years of at best moderate criticism of Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban did the CSU politician also vote for the EU Commission to initiate legal proceedings against Hungary and for the suspension of its Fidesz party from the EPP. And in Zagreb Weber repeated his promise that under no circumstances would he be elected EU Commission President with the votes of right-wing parties.

This stipulation is a prerequisite for the Social Democrats and Greens in the European Parliament to be ready to vote for him as EU Commission President. “I will fight against everyone who will destroy Europe – the nationalists, populists,” Weber promised militantly in Zagreb. It was precisely because the Vienna scandal founded her appearance in Zagreb that Merkel was able to play a role of her own as the savior of Europe. She had already been greeted euphorically when she arrived in the hall. The fact that Merkel spoke only eleven minutes at the 90-minute election campaign event did not detract from the enthusiasm. “Patriotism and the European Union are not mutually exclusive.

Nationalism is the enemy of the European project, “she shouted to the 5000 HDZ supporters waving Croatia flags after everyone had sung the European anthem. Incidentally, a man in far-off Paris was likely to have watched the developments over the weekend with goodwill – France President Emmanuel Macron. For months, under the impression of the special features of the French election campaign, he has been speaking of a fateful election by the pro-Europeans against the opponents of Europe. So far, Merkel and CDU leader Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer had emphasized that the election campaign should above all identify the differences between make it clear to the moderate parties.

Thanks to the FPÖ, the final phase of the election campaign is now getting exactly the character Macron wanted as a directional decision on the future of the EU. Source:, psa / rts “Felix Neureuther wants to reach for a medal in Zagreb (Photo: Michael Kappeler / dpa ) Felix Neureuther leads the line-up of the German Ski Association (DSV) for the Alpine World Cup this weekend in Zagreb.