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Los Angeles (AP) – US singer Lada Gaga (32) had a big tattoo as a tribute to the famous Edith Piaf song “La vie en rose”.

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The table of gifts remains empty: This is how Marianne and Michael celebrate Christmas “Everyone was crying”: Udo Walz: The funeral of the star hairdresser was so emotional. “Didn’t want to like him”: Obama spent quarantine with his daughter’s friend After the “environmental pig” excitement: Jan Böhmermann lets children’s choir sing about Corona grandma Despite separation at Christmas: This is how the royal family gives

“My spinal cord is now a rose,” wrote the pop star on Thursday with a greeting for Valentine’s Day to a photo of her bare back with a delicate tattoo. A rose blossom adorns her neck, the long stem with the words “La vie en rose” extends to her waist.

The song plays an important role in her film “A Star is Born”, when her character Ally performs the song in a bar, attracting the attention of a country star (Bradley Cooper). In addition, the singer had two notes G and A scratched on her arm to match her stage name. Her manager Bobby Campbell also got the same four notes tattooed by tattoo artist Daniel Winter.

Lada Gaga recently won two Grammy trophies for her song “Shallow” from the film “A Star is Born”. There was also a third award in the “Best Pop Solo Performance” category for the song “Joanne”. At this year’s Academy Awards, she has a chance of winning the Oscar for best song. The singer was also nominated for best leading actress for her role in the music drama.

In Saarland, a new regulation to combat the corona pandemic with modified rules has been in force since Monday. According to this, the operation of tattoo and piercing studios is permitted again in compliance with the appropriate hygiene concepts. Last week, operators of tattoo and piercing studios successfully defended themselves against the closure of their operations during the partial lockdown before the Saarland Higher Administrative Court.

Rest areas on federal motorways and restaurants at truck stops are now also excluded from the ban on operations in the catering trade. The new regulation in Saarland applies up to and including November 29th.

Contact restrictions have been in effect for two weeks due to the increasing number of corona infections. In addition, the gastronomy and cultural, sports and leisure facilities are temporarily closed. On (today) Monday the heads of government of the federal states and Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) will discuss the results of the measures taken so far and possible further steps.

Servants, housemaids, hunters and cooks: Hundreds of extras and small actors for the British court are wanted in North Rhine-Westphalia for a film about Lady Diana. Specifically, it is about the international cinema production “Spencer”, for which shooting will take place in the Münsterland in the coming year, as the responsible casting agency announced to the German press agency.essays 123 The film, which bears Diana’s maiden name, is about Christmas at the country estate of the British royal family in the early 1990s.

For hundreds of small roles, people are now being sought with an appearance or skills that fit into the royal surroundings. “British”, rather aristocratic-looking faces are great, “said agency boss Gregor Weber. Highlighted or obviously colored hair is not desired. Also no solarium tan, no visible piercings or tattoos. The casters are particularly looking for waiters with experience in fine dining, excellent cooks and men with hunting experience. “For special parts we need men and women with dance or ballet experience”, added Weber. In total, there are 300 extras and small actors.

The open, free casting takes place online. The application deadline is December 31st. Anyone who is taken should be in front of the camera for between one and seven days. All those involved would be tested for Corona before the deployment. Hygiene rules also apply when shooting.

The agency initially did not provide any information about the cast of the main roles in the film. In the summer, however, it was reported that “Twilight” star Kristen Stewart (30) will play Diana.

Charles and Diana married in a fairytale wedding in 1981, but divorced in 1996 after a long war of the roses. Just a year later Diana died in a tragic car accident in Paris.

Actor Orlando Bloom has his son’s name tattooed as proof of his love. The highlight: The letters are displayed as Morse code. However, fans discover a flaw in the characters. 

What? They were together once?

Photo series with 25 pictures

Actor Orlando Bloom presented his new tattoo to his followers on Instagram and let them guess what is written in Morse code … “Flynn” should actually be called the line broken by dots and dedicated to his son, born in 2011, like the 43-year-old then dissolved.

“, ‘Instagram’);}) (); / ** /

But the tattoo artist had made a mistake, because instead of “Flynn”, Bloom’s forearm now reads “Frynn”, which is what Morse code followers say in the comments. “You spelled Flynn wrong,” one is sure. Another puts it more cautiously: “It’s a nice idea and a nice tattoo. But if it’s actually Morse code, I think it says ‘Frynn’ instead of ‘Flynn’.”

One point too little ruins the name

And indeed: some digital Morse code converters offer the service of delivering the correct Morse string for a desired term. Lo and behold: After the second hyphen, a point is missing on Orlando Bloom’s arm – so the desired “L” became an “R”. The actor has not yet announced a subsequent change. 

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Flynn Christopher Bloom is the result of the British actor’s marriage to Australian model Miranda Kerr, which was closed in 2010 and divorced in 2013. Orlando Bloom has been engaged to US star Katy Perry for a year.

Sources used: news agency spot on newsMorse code converter:

San Francisco (AP) – Ed Hardy is a walking work of art. The Californian tattoo artist has hidden his body art discreetly under a pink shirt and a blue suit. Only on the neck of the 74-year-old does the wing of a tattooed falcon protrude.

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The table of gifts remains empty: This is how Marianne and Michael celebrate Christmas “Everyone was crying”: Udo Walz: The funeral of the star hairdresser was so emotional. “Didn’t want to like him”: Obama spent quarantine with his daughter’s friend After the “environmental pig” excitement: Jan Böhmermann lets children’s choir sing about Corona grandma Despite separation at Christmas: This is how the royal family gives

The director of the renowned de Young Museum in San Francisco, Thomas P. Campbell, introduces Hardy as the “godfather of tattoos”. The exhibition “Ed Hardy: Deeper than Skin”, which opened this weekend, is the first retrospective of the extensive oeuvre of the master who made tattoos a popular art. “Somehow this is a piece of salvation,” says Hardy with a wink of the German press agency. “Tattoos are a serious form of expression and are now recognized as an art form,” says the 74-year-old happily.

Carved body decorations rarely make it into art museums, but de Young dedicates six rooms to the tattoo artist with over 300 drawings, prints, paintings and objects from Hardy’s long creative phase. The first sketches are tattoos made with chalk pens, which he sold to classmates for a few cents when he was ten years old in Southern California and which he also decorated their backs and arms with pens.


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“If I can still see that …”

As a young art student in San Francisco, Hardy created an etching in 1967 that shows himself with a fully tattooed upper body. The telling title: “Future Plans”. Back then, the printmaker only had a few tattoos, but already had big goals.

He abandoned a scholarship at the renowned Yale University, instead he went to Japan as the first western tattoo artist and did an apprenticeship there with traditional Irezumi masters. “Japanese culture and Buddhism were the most important influences on my art and my life,” Hardy tells the dpa. Artists like Goya, Rembrandt and Dürer also inspired him.

Hardy often mixes Asian art with Americana motifs. In the color lithograph “Surf od Die” he lets a red devil ride a kite in a wave. It looks like a homage to the Japanese painter and woodcut master Katsushika Hokusai (1760-1849), who was famous for his filigree waves, mountains and spitting dragons. Hardy not only painted his tigers, snakes, dragons and hearts on the skin of his clients, he also decorated boogie boards and porcelain vases.

Visitors walk past an installation over 150 meters long. For “2000 Dragons” Hardy painted his wild animals, landscapes and visions on Tyvek plastic with acrylic.

In the mid-1970s, Hardy was the first star tattoo artist in the USA to give customers personal motifs rather than ready-made designs in his shop in San Francisco. Word quickly got around Hardy’s artistry. Actors like Peter Coyote but also Hells Angels rockers got under his needle. 

Hardy finally achieved cult status through the French designer Christian Audigier, who in 2004 printed his wild tattoo designs on t-shirts, bags and hats under the label “Ed Hardy”. Celebrities like Heidi Klum, Madonna or Mick Jagger rode the wave of dress-up tattoos.  

Before that, she did not regard tattoos as art, admits the curator Karin Breuer. But after working with Ed Hardy, she was convinced. “It opened my eyes to what a cultural phenomenon tattoo art has become.” Hardy discovered his love for fine lines very early on, much like Albrecht Dürer in his early engravings, says Breuer. 

Hardy believes exhibition goers will be “pleasantly surprised” to discover “a vast underground culture of our species”. “For me, tattoo art is an expression of liveliness, making a statement here and now,” says the artist. It is not a work of art for eternity. “You can’t get a tattoo and hope to be in the Louvre in 500 years,” laughs Hardy.

There is a special incentive for tattooed museum-goers to attend the show. If you have tattoos all over your body, you don’t have to pay admission. Decorating the arm in full length halves the price, a single tattoo brings a discount of five dollars.

The search for a missing British woman in Cambodia is probably over. Rescue workers recovered a body from the sea – the tattoo and clothing match the description of the 21-year-old.

A good week after the disappearance of a young British tourist in Cambodia, rescue workers recovered a body from the sea off the island of Koh Rong. According to the description of the missing person, it is assumed that it is the woman wanted, the chief of the sea patrol, Tea Sokha, told local media.

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A tattoo and the tourist’s clothing therefore matched the information. An official identification of the body and a detailed investigation of the cause of death are still pending.

The pixelated photo shows the British student Amelia B., who has been missing for a week (source: AP / dpa)

The 21-year-old British woman was last seen a week ago at a beach party on the second largest island in the Southeast Asian country.

Whether on the rump, upper arm or shoulder: Almost one in ten people in Germany has a tattoo. At the same time, however, the number of those who want to get rid of the unloved skin complexion is increasing. As Professor Heinz Bull, President of the Society for Aesthetic Surgery Germany (GÄCD), confirms, the number of laser treatments to remove tattoos has doubled in the past five years. Such a treatment can cost up to ten times more than the tattoo itself.