Police are looking for perpetrators: robbed, kidnapped and extorted on a date

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Police are looking for perpetrators: robbed, kidnapped and extorted on a date

Participation is possible until 10 p.m. of the respective day. The winners will be announced the next day under the entry. Sources used: Phoenix Hagen Facebook page: Post dated November 30, 2020

According to a court order, kitesurfing is currently also permitted outside of designated zones in the Lower Saxony Wadden Sea National Park. The Lower Saxony Higher Administrative Court (OVG) in Lüneburg granted a lawsuit by two kite surfers, as the authority announced on Monday.

In an initial procedure, the hobby water sports enthusiasts demanded that they practice their sport in the European bird sanctuary without restrictions in terms of time and place – but initially they were unsuccessful. According to the recent decision of the OVG, a kitesurfing ban does not fall under the applicable prohibition regulations provided for in the law on the Lower Saxony Wadden Sea National Park.

So far, the national park administration has only considered kitesurfing in specially designated zones and only in certain periods of time. In this way, disturbances to birds and seals are to be avoided. In addition, according to the court, a paragraph of the law on the Lower Saxony Wadden Sea National Park (NWattNPG) was cited. Accordingly, it is forbidden to let kites fly in the quiet zones of the national park – even from vehicles.

The fourth senate of the OVG has now changed the first instance judgment and already determined on Friday that the two plaintiffs are allowed to kitesurf in coastal waters without the specified exemptions. The reason: The ban stipulated by the Lower Saxony law does not cover kitesurfing. Rather, it is about kitesurfing "traveling on a federal waterway with a watercraft". According to the Federal Waterways Act, navigation may only be restricted by a federal ordinance. A kitesurfing ban is currently not provided for in the current federal regulation.

According to the information, the Senate did not allow an appeal to the Federal Administrative Court. However, the state of Lower Saxony has the opportunity to lodge a complaint against not allowing the appeal.

Environment Minister Olaf Lies (SPD) reacted disappointed: "Of course, as a state, we respect the decision of the highest court, but we regret it – especially because the federal government has submitted a joint amendment application from the states of Lower Saxony, Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg." It is clear that kitesurfing has the potential to disrupt fauna and flora as well as other visitors to the national park. "As a country, we have recognized this particular potential for disruption and have reacted to it in the interests of the national park with a ban. As an exception, individual kitesurfing zones were permitted where no disruptions were to be feared", so read on.

This compromise between the interests of water sports and nature and species protection worked well. The judgment opened a gap in protection, especially for breeding and resting birds, "which we as a country can no longer close ourselves. But I trust that the federal government will bring sensible rules in place – in terms of nature and species protection".

In the cities and districts of Celle, Stade and Lüneburg in Lower Saxony, the police carried out checks into the fight against burglary on Wednesday until the evening hours. Officials checked hundreds of cars in order to obtain information about break-ins, the Lüneburg police said.

In two cases, suspicious persons were found during the controls in the Stade district. In the city and district of Celle, police patrols also specifically sought out residential areas and made residents aware of unlit houses or tilted windows.

The reason for the operation was the agreement of the interior ministers of the northern German coastal states on joint action against organized gangs, announced the state police in Lüneburg.how to write an argumentative essay

The city of Lüneburg started setting up 22 stalls for the "Christmas city light" began. The focus is particularly on the sale of mulled wine, which is prohibited in many cities. "Not everyone has the courage of Ulrich Mädge"said Benno Fabricius, showman chairman of the region, about the mayor and president of the Lower Saxony city council. "The city ensures that the showmen come through the winter. I look to the future with confidence."

For almost a year they had no sales. The city will also waive demurrage for the Gassenzauber from Friday until December 23rd. The booth owners only contribute to the financing with a contribution for the night security. Fabricius does not share fears that the rush could be too big because of the alcohol being served: "I’ve been doing this for over 40 years, there are no parties or drinking bouts." It is important that the stands close around 8 p.m. and that no music is allowed. Security staff and the public order office will ensure compliance with the rules in the corona pandemic.

The special thing about the magic of the booth are four lingering zones, in which you have to consume while sitting without a mask. The mask requirement in the old town is being expanded, and consumption while standing is prohibited. With many offers such as street music, storytellers and clowns, the city wants to revive the battered trade.

An aid package of more than 600,000 euros was put together to guarantee the shops in the city center a reasonably acceptable end-of-year turnover. This finances, among other things, 10 euro vouchers for customers who spend 50 euros or cycle into the city on a Saturday.

Knife attack in Hagen: A 70-year-old and an 81-year-old man got into an argument in a funeral home. Suddenly the senior attacked the woman with a knife.

An 81-year-old man attacked the employee (70) of a funeral home in Hagen with a paring knife and slightly injured her. As the police announced on Friday, the man had come into the shop in the morning and had initially argued with the 70-year-old. Then he attacked her with the knife. 

Pepper spray used: Hagener attacks police officers with riding crop Use in Hagen: Fire in the hospital – nursing staff put out the fire "Confused impression": Drug test in motorists reacts positively to cocaine

The 70-year-old fell to the ground, fought back with a chair. The police arrested the man on the spot. He was taken to a mental hospital.

Sources used: dpa news agency

A young man lost control of his car early in the morning in the Lüneburg district. He did not survive the accident. But his co-driver was able to free himself.

A 19-year-old driver died on the way to school. As the police and fire brigade announced, the young man lost control of his small car in a curve on Kreisstraße 22 between Alt Garge and Bleckede (Lüneburg district) on Tuesday morning. He skidded and stood sideways.

An oncoming 53-year-old driver drove into the vehicle, so that the 19-year-old was trapped. His co-driver managed to get out of the vehicle, seriously injured. Emergency services from the Bleckede fire brigade took the 19-year-old out of the vehicle with hydraulic rescue equipment. He died a short time later.

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The woman suffered minor injuries and was taken to the clinic in Lüneburg together with the student’s passenger. The investigations into the course of the accident are ongoing. The district road had to be completely closed for the accident recording and recovery.

Sources used: dpa news agency

Lüneburg joins the tougher pace against the corona pandemic and has the Christmas islands dismantled for the weekend. "I am sorry that after intensive attempts to set up this offer and keep it alive, we now have to make this cut. But it’s better that way", said Mayor Ulrich Mädge on Wednesday. "We have to reassess the situation every day, and when I hear and see how more and more cuts are being made at the federal level and in neighboring countries, I no longer want to maintain our offer for Lüneburg." The free sale of mulled wine had previously been banned because the rush had become too great.

The Hanseatic city wants to hold on to the magic of the streets with the special lighting, an advent calendar in the shops and financial incentives for cyclists. The showmen are only allowed to stay until Friday evening. "We started this campaign out of the idea of ​​helping those who fear for their livelihoods during the lockdown, especially smaller retailers, but also showmen. The federal and state governments must now consistently support these industries as they do with the catering industry. Warm words are not enough"said girl. The eating areas and benches in the city center, where you can drink and eat without a mask, should remain.

There was a fire in a hospital in Hagen. The nursing staff acted quickly and were able to prevent worse.

Because of a fire in a patient’s room, the fire brigade in Hagen moved out on Thursday morning. On arrival, the nursing staff had already extinguished the fire themselves.

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According to the head of operations, four out of eight affected patients in the station were treated with suspected smoke gas poisoning. After the ward was ventilated, the patients were able to go back to their rooms.

Sources used: dpa news agency

A mask requirement in school lessons can be ordered regardless of the number of new corona infections. This was decided by the Lower Saxony Higher Administrative Court (OVG) in Lüneburg on Tuesday by means of an urgent decision. The district of Helmstedt, as an infection protection authority, is thus entitled to order an obligation to wear a mouth and nose cover in class that goes beyond the provisions of the Lower Saxony Corona Ordinance, which does not only start when a threshold value of 50 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants ( 7-day incidence) (Ref .: 2 ME 463/20). The decision of the 2nd Senate is final.

The two applicants, students at a grammar school in the Helmstedt district, defended themselves at the Braunschweig Administrative Court. The administrative court rejected their corresponding urgent application by order of November 19 (Az .: 4 B 397/20). The OVG now rejected the complaint because both the Lower Saxony ordinance (compulsory mask in secondary levels I and II from a 7-day incidence of 50) and the incidence-independent mask requirement in class in the context of Covid, ordered by the Helmstedt district -19 pandemic are likely to be considered lawful.

The objections of the applicants to the determination of the incidence value according to the requirements of the Robert Koch Institute, the general justification of protective measures and the suitability of mouth and nose covers to protect against infection did not convince the court. The cited health concerns when wearing masks cannot be followed either. There would be the possibility of being exempted from the mask requirement in school lessons in the event of health impairments or previous illnesses that led to an unreasonable amount. However, the applicants did not meet the relevant requirements, in particular the submission of a medical certificate that met the requirements.

With an ambiguous posting on Facebook, the Hagen police warned against fraud in online shopping. Because they would try to make money with fake shops, especially during the pandemic.

The police in Hagen has in the course of "Black Friday" warned against rip-offs through fake shops. The officials posted on Facebook "Fancy top offers on the web?" and provided the question with the hastags #Hagen, #Polizei and #BlackFriday, only to then continue writing "We hope that we could briefly get your attention." 

Because especially around the "Black Friday" and the Christmas season is the subject of fake shops "very timely"The message continues. Scammers would use this time to get online shoppers in with discounts "dangerous traps" to trick into. The so-called fake shops are counterfeit online sales platforms, which by their professional presentation and product images "look deceptively real".

Fancy top offers on the web? #Hagen #Polizei #BlackFriday We hope that we will shortly get your attention …

Posted by Police NRW Hagen on Thursday, November 26, 2020

The fraudsters would only offer the goods offered there against prepayment and either deliver no product at all or only deliver inferior goods. In order to avoid the "Black Friday" To fall for such shops, advises the Hagen police that one should not make spontaneous purchases.

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In addition, you should first find out about the sales platform, using a secure Internet connection "https" pay attention and prefer to buy on account.

Sources used: Hagen police: notification of November 26, 2020

The historic Möllering Villa in Lüneburg is partially demolished. An area of ​​the house in the Häcklingen district, which was previously a listed building, is to be retained as a documentation center. In 1945 it was used by the British Army to negotiate with a Wehrmacht delegation on the surrender of Hamburg. "It is not a normal object, it has a certain historical dimension"says real estate entrepreneur Manfred Schulte, who bought the villa.

Because of the high pollution, the dilapidated wooden gable is first removed, the brick outer walls remain. The contaminated wood paneling is renewed. "This compromise does justice to the historical importance of the place"says Schulte. The costs could amount to around two million euros, confirmed the entrepreneur, who would be happy to receive a building permit at the end of next year: "Finishing it in two years would then be realistic." Four units are to be created from the 500 square meter property: an exhibition room that would be rented out and three terraced houses.

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